Unauthorized Reseller Warranty Claim Warning

Authorized vs. Non-Authorized Sellers

Goldtouch ergonomic computer peripherals are sold exclusively through Authorized Reseller channels and the Goldtouch website. Please be aware purchases made from Unauthorized Sellers will not be eligible for warranty, refund, or replacement. For our full shipping and return policy, please click here.

To view Goldtouch Authorized Reseller Channels, Global and United States click here; for International, click here.


When purchasing Goldtouch products through Amazon.com, it is important to note that only 2 sellers are Authorized to sell Goldtouch products.

The following sellers are AUTHORIZED to sell Goldtouch on Amazon:

Authorized Badge

  • ErgoWarehouse
  • Jestik/Raxxer

The following sellers are UNAUTHORIZED to sell Goldtouch on Amazon:

Not Allowed Image

  • 247 Ergo
  • 972outlet
  • Ageew
  • AztekComputers
  • BeachAudio
  • BespokenOfficial
  • BlackRock Business
  • BoxyBay
  • Boyles Information Systems Inc.
  • CE Showroom
  • Creative Sky’s
  • Deal Targets
  • DigitalShopper
  • Dolphin Sales Group
  • Edge Productions
  • Electromatics
  • Electronics2Anyone
  • EliteWarehouse
  • Ergo123LLC
  • Ergonomic Connection
  • Ergonomic Resources, Inc.
  • Fprade
  • GCI Store
  • IPC-Store
  • J-Electronics
  • JM Prime
  • Jmark Office
  • Logan IT Integration
  • M-wave
  • MDSOptics
  • MegaRetailStore
  • MicroCart
  • Moon Tech
  • My Goods
  • Neobits_
  • OneDealOutlet Online
  • Onestudentsb00ks
  • OutletPet
  • PCNation
  • Peara’s Premium Products
  • Scharf
  • SchmoozeThis
  • ShopMoreForLess
  • SocalStuff
  • SpaceBound
  • TELeasy
  • TheFactoryDepot
  • Triplenet Pricing INC
  • UnbeatableSale, Inc
  • V3Gate, LLC
  • ValueGroupie

In order for our customers to make an informed buying decision, and to have the best experience possible when purchasing Goldtouch products, we ask that all customers will refer to this list before making a purchase. Authorized and unauthorized sellers are subject to change.