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Product Image Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard | PC and Mac (USB)

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard | PC and Mac (USB)



Product Description

Welcome to Comfort 2.0. Enjoy all of the Goldtouch features you’ve come to love — and more — with the second generation Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard. Experience a better way of working with a keyboard that fits to your unique body and typing style.

  • Complete Adjustability: With 0°-30° of adjustments on the horizontal and vertical planes, the Comfort Keyboard will straighten your hands, wrists, shoulders, and back, helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSIs.
  • A better typing experience: With soft keys, a low activation force and full key travel distance, reduce the risk of “bottoming out” while typing.
  • Space saving: This compact keyboard will fit nicely into limited spaces, reducing shoulder abduction when reaching for mice and other peripherals.
  • Quiet key strokes: Dome-shaped keys offer one of the quietest options, along with a much more tactile feel.

Learn how other companies have benefited from using ergonomic keyboards.


System Requirements:

The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard -PC & Mac Compatible (USB) is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS 10.4, and newer
  • USB Port

Please note, in order to switch between PC and Mac mode, you will need to move the switch located on the back of the keyboard to your desired operating system. Once you select your operating system, and plug your keyboard into an open USB port, the keyboard will automatically install the necessary driver software.


  • Width: 16.25 inches / 41.275 cm
  • Depth (front-to-back): 6.75 in / 17.145 cm
  • Height at home row: 1.25 in / 3.175 cm
  • Weight: 3.3 lb / 1.5 kg
  • Cable Length: 5 ft 11 inches / 1.8 m

Travel Distance: 3.6mm, +/-.5mm

Activation Key Force: 36g-42g (average)

Disclaimers: Do Not Plug your USB Goldtouch Keyboard into the USB Keypad. Your PC will not recognize the device.

Click here for keyboard data sheet, user guide and user manual.

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Ron E.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Keyboard review

This is a nice keyboard with a good feel to the keys. The only problem that I have found is the NUMLOCK is always set on power up when the computer comes out of sleep mode.


Thanks for your review! Regarding the NumLock, the NumLock works in conjunction with the FN key, so the FN and NumLock both have to be engaged for NumLock to function. If you want the LED off, that setting is in the computer’s system BIOS settings. Having this setting turned on in the BIOS will continually turn NumLock on. The NumLock feature is set by your computer’s System BIOS, the method for updating it is outlined below: At Pre-boot, NumLock is controlled by the system BIOS. Most computer manufactures allow for the NumLock feature to be Enabled/Disabled from within the system BIOS. This disables the NumLock at the most basic hardware level, prior to the operating system loading. Check your system BIOS for NumLock=ON at boot. It should be off. Systems are all different but most have BIOS access with F2 or Del key at cold boot. Usually your system tells you when it starts up which key to press to Enter BIOS settings. Typically the NumLock setting is located under Peripherals\Keyboard but will depend on your machine type. This is a one-time configuration update. If you are not comfortable making this update you may want to ask an IT person to do it. Let us know if you have any additional questions at support@goldtouch.com . Thank you.

Matthew H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Best ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomically beneficial compact layout and adjustable split design. High build quality. Keys have soft touch and medium-long travel.

United States
Quiet touch

I really like this keyboard. There are functions I haven't used yet. Will report again. So far it is great.

United States
Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard | PC and Mac (USB)

Obtained the V2 PC and Mac keyboard for use with a Mac. Previously owned the dedicated Goldtouch Mac Keyboard. The combination PC/Mac keyboard has keys more congested than the previous Mac dedicated keyboard, and has extra keys to the bottom far-left that leads to the reaching of the wrong key for the CTRL key. I liked the previousld dedicated Mac-only keyboard better and may resurrect my old one (articulating lock too easy to break) to replace the new PC/Mac combo version.

United States
Easy Install Keyboard

The keyboard was recommended to me at my company. After getting fully used to it within two weeks, I bought one for home use. The product arrived quickly and in perfect condition. All I had to do was plug it in, adjust it to the heighth of my preference, and it was ready to go.