EasyLift Desk: Adjustable Standing Desk...

EasyLift Desk: Adjustable Standing Desk...

EasyLift Desk with Monitor ArmsEasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk

Elevate the overall health and productivity of your business

Studies show that prolonged periods of sitting during the work day is dangerous, and can’t be overcome by outside activity alone. Researchers have found that it takes three times the daily recommended physical activity to eliminate the increased risk of death associated with prolonged sitting time. Long periods of sedentary inaction are linked closely to several serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, some kinds of cancer, and a shorter life expectancy. Sitting for too long can contribute to more stress and fatigue, causing poor moods and negativity amongst employees. RSI’s, or Repetitive Strain Injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and back pain, are now as common in the workplace as new technology; 60% of all reported workplace injuries are RSI’s. We’ve come a long way in technological advances that make our jobs possible, it’s time that our workstations adapt to meet the needs of a modern day office. It’s time to upgrade to an adjustable standing desk that enables your business to reach a new level of success in both health and productivity.

Benefits of the EasyLift Desk for Individuals and Businesses

Health and productivity go hand in hand

With healthy employees, a company saves money and time all while creating a generally better work environment for those responsible for the company’s success. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, cost the company less in insurance claims, and are more productive. As we move into a future in which prospective employees not only desire, but focus on, health in the workplace, all of these benefits of our adjustable standing desk converter contribute to a more attractive work environment for both employer and employee. Decrease Back Pain Worldwide, back pain is the leading cause of disability that prevents people from engaging in work and other daily activities. Lower back pain causes Americans at least 50 billion dollars in health care costs each year. Factor in wages lost from missed work and the total annual cost of back pain is closer to 100 billion dollars in the United States. The EasyLift Desk can help eliminate the poor posture that is responsible for 40% more pressure on the spine and leads to chronic pain. Reduce The Risk of RSI’s With the EasyLift Keyboard Tray that raises, lowers, and tilts, users can reach their ergonomic peak, reducing the risk of RSI’s like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonosis, tendonitis, Radial Tunnel Syndrome, and other debilitating work-related strains. Promote Overall Weight Loss and Increase Circulation Researchers found that the average standing desk user burned 53 calories extra just from standing, accounting for an overall loss of 5 pounds over a year, permitting calorie intake did not increase. Standing in increments throughout the day also increases blood flow and circulation, and reduces the rate of aging at a cellular level. In fact, a recent study shows that sitting too much ages you by around eight years on the biological level. Increase productivity Healthy employees work harder and more efficiently. While this may seem like an obvious conclusion, recent studies back this proposition with scientific data. In a small study, workers who participated in a company sponsored health program increased their productivity by about 4% the following year. Another study that focused on the benefits of standing desks found that employees using standing desks were more productive than their coworkers at seated desks in the first month. They found that over time, the productivity of the employees using the standing desk steadily increased. Save money Employees fighting back pain, RSIs, and the negative effects from sitting for too long produce less, miss more work, and generate greater costs in workers compensation claims. The healthier the employees are, the less money they cost the company in lost time, productivity, absenteeism, and worker's comp claims. Easy to install with endless rewards The EasyLift Desk sits on top of an existing workstation, making installation simple and fast. It has never been easier to bring your business to a new height in both health and success.
This video highlights the many features of the EasyLift Desk, from how to adjust to desk and keyboard tray, to the cable management system and optional wrist rest feature, you will find this desk is very functional and versatile to your specific preferences and body mechanics.

Features of the EasyLift Desk

Much more than your average standing desk converter.

EasyLift Keyboard Tray - find your most comfortable typing position Unlike comparable standing desks, the Easylift Keyboard Tray raises, lowers, and tilts for users to find their optimal typing position regardless of sitting or standing. The Tray allows for over 5.75 inches of height adjustment and 15° of tilt to help you achieve a 90° angle in the elbows. The user can keep their hands close to their waist, thus maintaining the ideal ergonomic position, not possible with a static keyboard tray. 40 Steps of Height Adjustment - an adjustable standing desk for users of all heights With a vertical maximum height of 19.6” (52cm) and a vertical minimum height of 4.7” (12cm), the 40 steps of height adjustment makes finding the perfect position possible for all users. Variable Torque accounts for 27 pounds - transition from sitting to standing effortlessly No need to compromise on your favorite desk accessories. The greater variable lift of 27 pounds on the EasyLift Desk allows you to accommodate necessary equipment (i.e., computers, tablets, keyboards, monitors, mouse) and lift your desk with ease while eliminating the risk of lower back injury when you want to stand. Simply grab the handles on both sides of the standing desk converter and lift up to move from sitting to standing. Hold up to three screens - the capacity to multitask as much as you want The EasyLift Monitor Arms gives the capacity for three screens up to 27" on one desk. With the unparalleled potential to accommodate multiple monitors, the potential for increased productivity is right in front of you. These monitor arms also allows for the adjustment of screen height, bringing all monitors to eye level and giving each user their optimal viewing experience at the desk. Power and cable management - staying plugged in and charged has never been easier An additional accessory, Tripp Lite’s Clamp-Mount Surge Protector offers economical AC surge suppression for protection of workstations desktop PC’s and other sensitive electronics. This protector offers six total outlets and two USB charging ports for the potential to keep all of your desk electronics charged. The underside cable management system keeps all wires out of sight and organized; no more cords cluttering your desk.

Make The Easy Switch To EasyLift

At Goldtouch, we believe now is the time to welcome in the era of health and productivity. Upgrading your business to the EasyLift Desk is a simple and cost effective solution to the challenges that hinder a sedentary office space and prevent its employees from reaching their full potential. The benefits of introducing an adjustable standing desk converter to your business go beyond reducing workers compensation claims and promotes a superior office culture. Bring your workforce into a more comfortable and positive environment for success.
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