Minimalist Home Office Setup

Minimalist Home Office Setup

Working from home or starting a home-based business has allowed many to cultivate greater personal freedom in their lives and do what they do best from the comfort of their own space. The problem? Distractions can abound at home, making it harder for those who have chosen this type of work to stay focused and productive. The secret, however, lies in the setup. A minimalist home office setup can help you stay on task by getting rid of all of the clutter or distractions that you might find in other parts of your home. But exactly what items do you need to build your own successful home office? Let’s take a look at a few essentials that truly complete the minimalist home office setup below!

Desk and Ergonomic Office Chair

The main foundation of any home office is the desk and the chair. Without these two essentials, you’re going to find it extremely difficult to sit down and get work done. When it comes to an office desk, the type that you choose will ultimately depend on your personal style. There are no desks that are naturally better than others. However, there are considerations to make. Do you need something simple to do work on? Will you require a great deal of storage for paperwork and other office-related items? A desk, like anything, is a tool. It should be functional and fashionable. An office chair, on the other hand, is not just an office chair. There are plenty of office chairs out there that offer little support, which can impact your overall health and wellness. When shopping for your minimalist home office setup, look for ergonomic office chairs that offer features like lumbar support, backrests, and other features that maximize your comfort so you can produce the best work possible.

Laptop and Tablet Stand

Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee working from home, tech is going to play a big role in your home office setup. The problem? Certain devices like tablets or laptops are not conducive to long work periods. You might find yourself constantly leaning over your device, trying to deal with glare, or even developing aches and pains as well as other issues while you spend your time online or in documents. Fortunately, you don’t have to. One of the most invaluable tools at your disposal is a laptop and tablet stand. Suitable for both types of devices, a laptop and tablet stand brings your device to eye level so that you no longer have to strain your neck for long periods of time in order to do your work. If you’re someone who isn’t interested in investing in a desktop, a laptop and tablet stand is a must-have for your minimalist home office setup.

Adjustable, Ergonomic Keyboard

For those who spend the bulk of their time at home writing emails, creating content, or tackling data entry tasks, your hands are going to be busy throughout the course of the day. As such, taking proper care of your hands by providing your body with the right ergonomic keyboard can make a world of difference in your experience. A great adjustable, ergonomic keyboard will provide you with the ability to find the perfect keyboard positioning to reduce wrist injury or common problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, offer soft keys for greater comfort as you go about your day-to-day work tasks, and even quieter keys so that you don’t find yourself distracted by the sound of you typing. A great home office setup will consider every aspect of your work-from-home experience, and having a comfortable keyboard to type on is certainly part of that.

High-Quality Printer (and Filing Products)

Most of what we do in the modern business world is entirely online. However, there are certain documents that you’re going to want to have access to and backups of as you continue working from home. This might include documents like signed employment contracts, invoices, and tax forms. Of course, this necessitates buying a printer. There are all kinds of printers out there with various printing styles (like laser and inkjet) to choose from. When you’re looking for a new printer for your home office, always look for one that fits within your budget, has excellent reviews, will provide you with plenty of printed documents before you need to refill on ink, and is an overall great deal. Additionally, while you’re looking into purchasing printers, you’ll need to consider your file storage options. Are you going to store important documents in your desk drawers? Will you want to purchase a filing cabinet and folders to help you organize all of the important documents you print out? Think ahead and make sure that you have all the space you need to handle this influx of paperwork that will be accumulating in your home office.

Bulletin Board

While the bulletin board might not seem like something you need for your office space, these are extremely versatile tools that can be used for a number of purposes. Do you have a meeting or appointment coming up? You can easily tack a note to your bulletin board or even hang up a calendar that’s always right in front of you. Are you looking to stay on top of important work tasks? You can always add a piece of paper to your board focusing on the three tasks that you want to get done today. For those who are big on organization, a bulletin board has a lot to offer.

Your Ideal Minimalist Home Office Setup Is Right Around the Corner

No matter what matters most in your home office space, there are plenty of comfortable, high-quality products out there designed to keep you focused so you get the most out of the work that you do from home. If you’re ready to start building your office space, use the guide above to help you focus on the most important items and gain inspiration as you discover other essentials worth having in your new home office!
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